MBL(엠비엘) 스테레오 파워앰프 Noble Line N21
상품분류 파워앰프 (Power Amplifier)
제조사 MBL
총평점 -  [사용기 작성]
판매가 31,900,000원
적립금 0원
카드결제 [무이자할부안내] (위탁/중고제품은 카드결제 미적용)
배송비 3,000원 (50,000원 이상 구매시 무료)
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N21 Stereo Power-Amplifier – Feature List

General description / special features:
 LASA 2.0 amplifier – MBL-developed technology that combines the advantages of different amplifier concepts. The resultant amplifier is perfectly suited to drive complex loads such as loudspeakers, ensuring that the frequency response remains stable even at varying loads and has a homogeneous tonal balance throughout frequency range
 Symmetrical layout for better common mode rejection
 Soft Clipping – even at very high volumes the amplifier goes gently into clipping mode, never sounding aggressive or distorted
 Power supply is made by a massive analog toroidal transformer with protective shield technology in its MU-metal enclosure
 380 watts (4 Ω) power with 28 Amp peak output current, values that ensure a sovereign and unconstrained performance even at higher volume levels
 Rectifier with low recovery losses
 High-quality, vibration-damped full copper loudspeaker connections (binding posts) by the German manufacturer WBT
 MBL SmartLink version 2.0, employed to network MBL devices with the exchange of status information
 SD-card slot for easy firmware and display content update
 “Made in Germany” development and production made in MBL’s own factory in Berlin
 2 analog inputs (1 x RCA floating-balanced, 1 x balanced XLR)
 Loudspeaker connectors (binding posts)
 2 MBL SmartLink connectors (RJ45)

 Width: 45,0 cm / 17.7 in
 Depth (w/o cables): 42,5 cm / 16.8 in
 Height: 15,0 cm / 5.9 in
 Width: 58,0 cm / 22.8 in
 Depth: 52,0 cm / 20.5 in
 Height: 33,0 cm / 13.0 in