Valvet (발벳) 프리앰프 L1 Line Preamplifier
상품분류 프리앰프 (Pre Amplifier)
제조사 Valvet(발벳)
총평점 -  [사용기 작성]
판매가 3,330,000원
적립금 0원
카드결제 [무이자할부안내] (위탁/중고제품은 카드결제 미적용)
배송비 5만원이상 무료

  • 정면사진 오른쪽 제품, 후면사진 왼쪽 제품이 L1 입니다. (별도 전원부)
  • E1r 모노파워앰프(정면 왼쪽)와 같은 사이즈의 제품 입니다. 함께 매칭해 쓰시면 소리가 더 부드럽고 정교합니다.
  • Hand made in Germany

  • Hit the senses:

    The Valve-Amplifier L1 is built in pursuit of a goal that is common to all VALVET amplifiers: the transmission of music, free from artefact and manipulation, music that stimulates the senses!

    Hear for a long time:

    A simple well thought-out circuit, short signal paths and the best, reliable components guarantee that your favourite music reaches you directly, thus producing long-term pleasure and satisfaction!

    Employing vales in this circuit does not follow fashion. The design was chosen because with only one amplifying component per channel there is least technology to interfere with the music.

    Pure technique, pure music!

    The L1 Preamplifier employs just one powerful dual triode per channel. The circuit topology employed has a number of advantages: low distortion without feedback, excellent linearity and (for valves) low output impedance.

    The external power supply (solid state power supply now standard) guarantees a hum-free listening experience. All signal paths are hand wired with pure silver. A high quality “Alps” pot is used to adjust the volume.