ATOLL(아톨) CD 트랜스포트 DR400 SE (Black) (중고품)
상품분류 중고제품
제조사 ATOLL(아톨)
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  • 제품 정보

    -Special optimized treatment in order to reduce the jitter
    -TEAC CD drive designed with specific anti-vibration material
    -Chassis treated against parasite vibrations
    -Regulated supply with high current capacity dedicated to the mechanism
    -Special low noise linear supply dedicated to digital stream
    -LVDS circuit for digital format (high resolution treatment)
    -Insulation of the digital signals with a specific 1:1 transformer dedicated to S/PDIF and AES/EBU signals
    -CD text
    -Low consumption OLED display
    -Accepted Disc : CD, CD-R, CD-RW. Formats : MP3-WMA-AAC
    -Connectings: Coaxial output 
    Optical output 
    AES/EBU output
    -Supply 30 VA
    -Total of capacitors  22 100 µF
    -Digital outputs  Coaxial & optical
    -Dimensions  440x280x90mm
    -Weight 6.5 kg