WAVAC AC-1 전원장치
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Design Characteristics

WAVAC Audio Lab's 10th anniversary SH-833 Single-Ended Triode amplifier was developed based on advanced concepts including pure, clear sound requires generous and pure AC source. The new AC-1 conditioner uses the same type of state-of-the-art AC conditioning as implemented in the reference level SH-833 and is able to remove a wide range of noise to allow the true sonics of the music to be heard!

-The AC-1 utilizes only a very high quality transformer that is custom designed to WAVAC's specifications to remove noise at the source. It removes noise from the power and ground source as well as other peripheral sources.

-The WAVAC Audio Lab AC-1's Noise-Cut transformer was manufactured by DENKENSEIKI Laboratory Co. will remove noise that other designs noise-filters, isolation transformers and shield transformers are unable to eliminate. Typical noise-filter designs are unable to eliminate normal mode noise and simply are not effective unless impedance balancing is taken between filter and power supply. Also, they always require ground connection.

-The WAVAC AC-1's Noise-Cut transformer and Isolation transformer are completely isolated from the main power circuit and not affected by AC source noise. It's effective noise attenuation frequency range is 10KHz-100MHz in Normal mode noise and 0Hz-100MHz in common mode noise. As an added technical achievement to insure a pure, noise free operation, the AC-1 does not require to be grounded.

Maximum capacity 2KVA(1400W)
Outlets 8 outlets
(It's also include ground lift switch)
External dimensions 410Wx430Dx410H(mm)
Weight 50kg

Construction Characteristics

-Chassis: 10mm airplane grade aluminum for a strong, rigid foundation, effective heat dissipation and low vibration to minimize transformer noise.

-Outlets: 4 Duplex (8 outlets) of user's choice. Standard duplex outlet is high quality Hubbell.