PenAudio(펜오디오) 북셀프 스피커 Cenya Supreme
상품분류 북쉘프 스피커
제조사 PenAudio(펜오디오)
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  • 제품정보

    Type 2-way, reflex loaded, stand mounted

    Drive units

    -29 mm beryllium dome tweeter Seas Excel with special neodymium ring magnet combined with short cut rings to reduce non-linear and modulation distortion

    -146 mm OEM Seas Excel graphene treated magnesium cone midrange

    -titanium voice coil

    -FEA optimized magnet system

    - short cut rings

    Cross-over  4500 Hz

    Frequency in room response  34 – 35000 Hz

    Sensitivity  87 dB/1 m/2,83 V

    Nominal impedance  4 Ohms (3,5 Ohms @180Hz-15 ohms)

    Recommended amplifier  >30 W

    Dimensions (WxHxD)  180 x 300 x 325 mm

    Weight  9kg