Goldkabel(골드카벨) 스피커 케이블 Executive series LS-425 Rhodium Bananas (3.0m)
상품분류 스피커 케이블
제조사 Goldkabel(골드카벨)
총평점 -  [사용기 작성]
판매가 2,070,000원
할인가 1,822,000원
적립금 0원
카드결제 [무이자할부안내] (위탁/중고제품은 카드결제 미적용)
배송비 5만원이상 무료
  • HI-FI 매니아들을 위한 쿼드설계 스피커 케이블
  • 투명한 플러그 캡으로 바나나 단자를 보호합니다.
  • handmade in Germany

    • high-end loudspeaker cable
    • 4 x 2,5 qmm QUAD structure
    • inner conductor made of high purity OFC copper
    • copper strands are highly flexible with a diameter of only 0,07 qmm
    • inner conductor has a structure regarding to the principle of rotation
    • incl. rhodium-plated hollow bananas (other executive banana variants also available with same price)
    • high quality, carbon-looking outer braiding
    • individual handmade in Germany placed in Ludwigshafen (Rhine)
    • any desired length is made


    • high-end speaker cable
    • high purity OFC copper
    • QUAD-structure with principle of rotation
    • individual handmade in Germany